Our Training Policies & Guidelines

Please kindly note that these must be read and agreed to before you commence training with us


Our training policies and guidelines have been put in place to protect not only our clients and ourselves but, most importantly, the best interests of the dogs we train.

Training Policies


As dog-lovers and dog owners ourselves, the welfare and wellbeing of our canine clients is of paramount importance to us, as is our reputation as trustworthy, honest and reliable trainers.


Before commencing a training programme with any client, it is important to know that we are on the same page regarding their dogs’ needs.  If we feel that our ability to train your dog/s properly and thoroughly – and possibly our reputation – may be compromised as a result of inadequate commitment by all members of the family to the continued training, exercise, bonding and care of your dog on your part, we may decline to undertake such training.

Please note: Refunds will not be given if a client's dog is not responding to training due to non-compliance and/or lack of practice on the part of the client.  Please therefore kindly acquaint yourself with the "Training Requirements" section below before you commit to a training programme with us.


Training Requirements


  1. You must be at least 18 years old to commence training, and be able to provide valid photo identification (ID or passport).

  2. Any and all individuals who will be interacting with the dog/s on a daily basis and who are therefore required to know and understand training commands, must attend the lessons, in order to maintain consistency in the dog’s training (see point 5 below).  Please note: We do not permit other trainers to be present at training sessions since (1) this constitutes mentorship/teaching; and (2) we do not advocate working with more than one trainer due to potential contradictions/conflicts in teaching styles and methods (this includes soliciting training advice on social media, or using additional online or print media resources to train your dog). 

  3. Third Way Canine will not be held responsible for the welfare of any children under the age of 18 left with us unsupervised during training.  We therefore politely request that, if parents/guardians would like minors to attend training sessions, they do so only when at least one parent or guardian is present.  Third Way Canine will not be held liable for any accident or injury occurring as a result of failing to abide by this requirement.

  4. When you book training with Third Way Canine, you agree to learn, abide by and practise the tried and tested training methods we employ and teach, in order to maintain consistency for your dog.  Inconsistent training methods may result in a dog becoming confused and training rendered ineffective.  Third Way Canine will not be held liable, and gives no refunds, for training rendered ineffective, or injuries sustained, as a result of clients failing, or refusing, to follow correct method and procedure.

  5. Training is an ongoing process throughout the lifetime of the dog, not a "one and done", or an "app" you download into your dog's brain.  Training is a habit you form and maintain; remember - if the dog's eyes are open, it is learning!  Practice and repetition are the key to strong foundations for an obedient and contented dog. Refunds will not be given for behaviours that continue as a result of training not being followed through with, or the inconsistent application thereof.  Inconsistency in training, and between different handlers/owners, can create confusion and conflict in the dog, resulting in unwanted behaviours.

  6. Please ensure that your dog is ready for your training session with a properly-fitted collar and leash, before the trainer arrives.  Leashes are a wonderful training tool, and not just something for walking the dog!  No retractable (e.g. Flexi) leads and no harnesses unless the dog has a veterinarian-diagnosed condition that requires it to wear a harness; proof of such will be required. Refunds will not be offered if incorrect equipment is used on the dog and the training session cannot proceed.

Our Promise To You

At Third Way Canine, our intention is to set you up for success - right from the start.  We want to give you the tools, and teach you to form the habits, that will enable you to continue working and communicating effectively with your dog/s once our services are no longer required.  We want to get you and your dog/s to where you want to be with patience and persistence.


Our promise to you is that, by following the training habits we will introduce you to, combined with appropriate exercise and a good diet, you will be rewarded with a calm, happy and obedient family member you will be proud to have by your side.

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